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August 16 2014
Winner: pending
December 31 2014
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Liquid Nitro 600 Modified Touring Series Race 12 of 15 Mississippi Thunder Speedway August 8th, 2014 By Shane Carlson
8.13.14 09:05 AM - by mkalmes22
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI. – Joe Provinzino collected his fifth win of the Liquid Nitro 600 Mod Touring Series on Friday night, wheeling Don Werner’s former car, with a No. 5 emblazoned upon the side in honor of Jim Schell.
Provinzino won with a broken foot, in which he suffered a few weeks back while leading at Cresco Speedway. “I was in a lot of pain, especially the second half of that race. It feels good though, to be back here in Victory Lane. (It) means a lot to win in that No. 5 car.”
Nicholas Wagner started on the pole, and tied his best finish of the year, finishing sixth. John Griffin, who came off a non-touring win the weekend prior, was second, and continued his strong effort in the second half of the season. “Good starting position helped a ton, but it was k
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Points for July 18,20, and 25 and point totals
8.03.14 08:01 PM - by mkalmes22
Curt Luhmann 103 103 91 1014
Eli Hershberger 95 87 95 876
Bob Cisewski 87 95 103 872
Corey Whalen 56 81 74 830
John Griffin 91 91 78 814
Chris Eide 74 74 76 801
John Hershberger 68 64 84 784
David Benke 70 72 66 758
Keith Schwartzhoff 78 78 60 638
Joe Provinzino 58 66 0 585
Chuck Ihde 72 76 68 567
Cole Denner 0 62 0 523
Don Werner 0 0 0 494
Michael Minnier 0 70 64 452
Jacob Steere 60 0 87 448
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Liquid Nitro 600 Modified Touring Series Race 11/16 Fayette County Speedway July 25, 2014 By Shane Carlson
7.28.14 11:27 AM - by mkalmes22
WEST UNION, IA. – Bob Cisewski had the 17-car field covered Friday night at a misty Fayette County Speedway, en route to his first Liquid Nitro feature win of the season, after coming up one position short last Sunday at Cresco Speedway.
For Cisewski the win was not only redemption, but also more rewarding, as he got to share the win with his wife Jenny, as she was in attendance. “It’s a great feeling, been one of my goals for this year, and I’ve really been working at it. I was finally able to beat Curt (Luhmann) and of course, like anything else, it took a little luck out here tonight.”
Eli Hershberger was the runner-up, which matches his highest finish this season, and is one to keep an eye on for his first career Liquid Nitro win. He credits his run to “
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Updated Claim Rules
7.25.14 08:21 AM - by mkalmes22
19.1 Any driver may have the opportunity to execute a claim on the engine of another driver’s racecar. Driver can only claim same make and model engine that they raced that night.
19.2 The first seven (7) finishers in the main event are subject to being claimed by any other driver that finishes seventh or better and finishes on the same lap as the winner.
19.3 Claims must be made within five (5) minutes of the completion of the main event. Claimed items must be removed at the racetrack and within one (1) hour after claimed driver accepts the claim.
19.4 Driver making claim must drive his/her race car immediately after finish of feature, under its own power, directly to the claim area.
19.5 Claiming driver must present cash to
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